With Arsenal’s season unraveling in a familiar fashion, they will likely go into the transfer market for an array of players although the number of players they add to their shopping trolley has always been a far cry from the number of players they enquire about.

With Karim Benzema and Edinson Cavani expected to be on their radar yet again, PFA Player of the Year winner in Riyad Mahrez has been rumoured to join the regulars come summer, according to English tabloid the Mirror.

His meteoric rise to prominence is emblematic of that of the club with whom he will lift the Premier League title this season, and his performances have rendered every manager barring Luis Enrique on the European soil desperate for his signature.

Despite Leicester announcing themselves to the world in the most dramatic manner possible, they may likely struggle to keep hold of his services, with him counteracting the flash-in-the-pan claims on the pitch, thus attracting more interest from the elites.


Will he suit Arsenal’s style of play?

On paper, his arrival will make Arsenal the team to beat as he would be the answer to the Gunners’ long-time quest for a dependable right-winger who does not whine about being played out of position. His arrival could help the Premier League boast its own version of the infamous MSN in MOS, with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez completing the trinity.

Tactically, his arrival will likely not prompt major tweaks as he hardly shirks away from defensive duties, which is one of the major requisites for anyone who strolls around the right flank in the Arsenal lineup.

Provided an impermeable double pivot operates behind him and Hector Bellerin recognizes his defensive duties, the balance of the team shall not come under any threat.


Do Arsenal really need him?

Arsene Wenger turned down the opportunity to bring back Francesc Fabregas back to Emirates Stadium not so long ago citing the presence of Mesut Ozil — an identical player — in the dressing room.

The London club already boasts players who could be as decisive as the Algerian on a perfect day. Although that perfect day occurs only once in a blue moon, Wenger’s belief on his personnel could put off any potential deal for him.

Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Alex Iwobi, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain can all perform the Mahrez role for the Arsenal, but, despite their unparalleled potential, they have never been as consistently excellent as him.

The blind hope offered by more than half the current roster has been the major cause for Arsenal failing to sign world-beaters, and the Leicester talisman could join the host of world-beaters Arsenal have registered their interest in to no avail, accordingly.


Can Arsenal sign him?

The Mirror reports that moneybags such as Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United are also keen on him, and a bidding war is in the pipeline in the event of Arsenal having solemn ambitions to add him to their star-studded roster.

Although the Gunners boast the spending capacity required to sign almost any acquirable player on the planet, their manager has never been a fan of paying any player more than his worth; odds are that he will tantalize the Arsenal defence next season with a team Gooners have grown to loathe.


Written by Praveen Paramasivam

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