Connect in the back of the net

Happy Birthday to Sky
You show all sports and
of all sorts.
The football world is shown
to us,
Through a box - and cutting
the fuss.
Happy Birthday to Sky
But I will never wear my
The English Premier
League does shine.
On Sky Sports as some
do whine.

There are pundits galore,
getting well paid.
But why aren’t they all
managing - are they
Sky do dominate that’s
for sure.
Paying huge money they
know it’s a cure.
But beware dear people -
you’ll pay for sure!
The bosses are cheering
their birthday today.
Happy 25th birthday - to
you today.

But what surprises have
Sky Sports got planned?
What I really should doing
is watching; Granstand!!!!!
Here’s a surprise for all
our subscribers,
We want more money -
and lots of new TENERS!
Yes, the monthly fee is
now going up.
Maybe we should sign a
football prenup!
A birthday party for the
But sometimes they do -
count their losses!

Happy Birthday to Sky
Another 25 years - in
But the fee just keeps
rising - and some folk
have left.
Feeling ‘ripped off’ - and
so bereft.
It’s all about money -
and power and greed.
Happy Birthday to Sky
Sports - I mean that


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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