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Football seasons throughout Europe all follow roughly the same schedule, beginning in August and finishing in May. The cold winter months are where the season really heats up. Whilst the English Premier League fills the festive season with a flurry of fixtures, winter breaks are the norm across Europe’s other major leagues. The transfer window is then thrown open throughout January, and by the team February rolls around, firm favourites are usually poised to take the silverware across Europe.

Placing an outright bet on the likes of Manchester United, AC Milan or Barcelona to win their domestic league won’t offer very attractive odds at the season’s outset, let alone when said team are sitting at the top of the table in January. But stringing together an accumulator with some of Europe’s most dominant league leaders can prove surprisingly lucrative.

On January 15th 2011, the English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga were indeed topped by Manchester United, AC Milan and Barcelona respectively. Whilst all were understandably odds-on favourites to close out the season champions, putting outright bets on all three in accumulator would’ve yielded odds of close to 5/1. And who closed out the 2010/11 season champions in Europe’s three most prestigious leagues? Yep – Manchester United, AC Milan and Barcelona.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to putting together an outright odds accumulator. A cursory January 15th glance at England’s next highest divisions during the 2010/2011 season, the Championship and Leagues One and Two, would’ve shown Queens Park Rangers, Brighton & Hove Albion and Chesterfield all sitting at the top of the league, with each side having a healthy lead over their nearest rivals.

What effect would putting these teams into an accumulator alongside the aforementioned Manchester, Milan and Barca trio have? It’d push the odds up from close to 5/1 to nearly 60/1. That’d mean a return of almost £600 for a £10 bet made on January 15th, with all six sides in your accumulator being heavy favourites to walk away with their league championships. And how did these three fare? QPR, Brighton and Chesterfield all held onto their leads and closed out the seasons as champions.

The main trouble with accumulators is that when you’re relying on lots of results, it becomes infinitely more likely that something somewhere is going to go awry. But outright betting on a team to win the league is overwhelmingly less risky than the outcome of any one game, where a controversial call from a referee or one missed chance can be the difference between victory and failure. Spreading that risk of the unexpected happening over multiple games will inevitably create a bet that is far more unstable than betting on a team’s total points accumulation over an entire season.

The example given only takes into account six leagues from the scores of leagues across Europe and around the world, virtually all of which will have produced a likely champion by the mid-way point. Stringing together an accumulator comprised of outright bets is an incredibly effective way of getting outrageously good for odds for what is essentially the most likely of all possible outcomes.

Mid-January is the magic point where, with the season half done, champions can be predicted with some degree of certainty, whilst there’s enough games left that the odds won’t have yet collapsed into minor fractions. As with any form of accumulator, there are plenty of things that could go wrong to scupper what seems like a sure thing.

Nevertheless, for the huge accumulated odds outright betting on title winners provides, this risk-to-reward ratio makes this type of bet a very attractive proposition.


Written by Tom Wilkins

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Football Betting Tips: The 85th minute bet

If you place a correct score bet in the 85th minute of a football match, you’ll typically receive odds of 1 to 2. Let’s say that Chelsea are playing Manchester United. With 85 minutes gone, the score’s still 0-0. If you bet £10 on the score remaining 0-0 and you’re right, you’ll receive your £10 stake back plus £5.

Bookies aren’t stupid and the reason that you get these odds is because you’ll typically win and lose often enough to wind up losing more than you win if you place a correct score bet in the 85th minute. However, with a little bit of nous and initiative, you can quite easily beat the odds and make this a highly profitable strategy.

Score draws are amongst the safest games to try this strategy out on. If a game is tied 2-2 in the 85th minute, chances are that both teams will be content to pick up a point and won’t bother going all out for the winner.

The Manchester United v Chelsea example is actually one of the worst to place a bet on. The English Premier League is the most watched football competition on the planet for a reason - it’s wildly exciting and unpredictable, and there’s far more likely to be a last minute winner, or even several goals in the dying minutes, in the EPL than in most football leagues. Typically the lower the prestige of a league, the less likely teams are to be gung-ho about grabbing a last gasp winner. The strategy is generally a lot more likely to succeed in, say, the Danish second division than it is in the English Premier League.

If a team’s scored early on and have been going all out to protect that lead since the early part of the game, the 85th minute correct score bet becomes an especially attractive proposition. If their opponents haven’t managed to overturn the advantage by the 85th minute, are they really likely to pull it off in the dying moments?

There are extenuating circumstances which should ward you off placing one of these bets. If a red card’s recently been issued, or if some other major event has upset the balance of the game, you’ll probably be better off leaving it. If a team scores an equalizer around the 80th minute, they’ll probably be more likely to be pushing for a winner at the tail-end of a game than if a draw had looked a likely outcome since the start.

Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to the rule about not using this strategy for English Premier League games, especially when it concerns games like Manchester United v Chelsea. Top of the table teams are often happy to grind out a draw against each other rather than risk an important loss.

When Manchester City hosted their derby rivals United earlier in the 2010/11 season, Roberto Mancini never looked concerned with doing anything more than stopping United getting the full three points, while Alex Ferguson equally seemed to deem not losing to their fiercest rivals of far greater importance than going all out for a winner. In cases like this, when a game’s got draw written all over it, if nobody’s scored by the 85th minute, a 0-0 correct score bet is probably a fairly safe punt.

The key to making this strategy work is thinking it through. The most important thing is not to bet if you sense there may be more goals left in the game. The best way of using this strategy successfully is picking a low-scoring or fairly even game and then hoping that nothing dramatic occurs in the last few minutes.


Written by Tom Wilkins

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Football Entertainment: Soccer Saturday Bingo

Soccer Saturday is a football institution in the UK and Ireland and has been ever since its inception in 1992. Broadcast on Sky Sports, the premise of the program is simple in that there is a host and four studio guests that review the Saturday afternoon football matches that play as they happen. There are also roving reporters at many of the other matches around the country and these are visited throughout the afternoon.

While the premise would make the program sound boring, the fact that it has been on air for 22 years is down to the on screen chemistry of the host, Jeff Stelling, and the studio guests makes the program watchable each and every week. The studio guests are currently former Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier, former Arsenal defender Paul Merson, ex Liverpool assistant manager Phil Thompson and Celtic and Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas.

As a result of the on screen chemistry between the five in the Soccer Saturday studio as well as their familiarity with each other as well as the passion of these football men appearing while watching the matches we are often treated to a display of football analysis that is usually reserved for time spent in the pub with your mates, except on prime time TV!

The nature of the program, as well as the occasion faux pas from the studio guests, has led to many spin offs for people to join in at home. The most famous of this is the Soccer Saturday drinking game where shots of beer or Jagermeister are to be drunk at times of different things happening during the program.

However, for those of us that do not want to spend our Saturday afternoon’s getting heavily drunk we have come up with a bingo version of the game that allows you to play the same game without being unable to function for Saturday evening!

To play, just print off this bingo card from Butlers Bingo or write down the below situations and hand them out to all of the people playing the game. The winner is the first person to get all of their situations to appear on screen.

  • A goal is scored
  • A sending off
  •  Half time
  • Chris Kamara is talking
  • Paul Merson uses stupid rhyming slang (i.e.”he’s hit the beans on toast”!)
  • Swindon Town appear on the vidiprinter
  • Dundee appear on the vidiprinter
  • Phil Thompson says ‘Stevie Gerrard’
  • Jeff makes an ‘A Trialist’ joke
  • Your team scores two goals
  • Jeff calls Kenny Deucher ‘The Good Doctor’
  • Hartlepool score a goal
  • A pundit shouts off camera
  • LeTiss is mentioned in connection with a takeaway
  • Chris Kamara says “it’s unbelievable Jeff”
  • Jeff mentions “dancing in the streets of TNS
  • Jeff says “its Doom and Gloom at…”
  • The team ‘Keith’ is referred to as just being one guy
  • Brighton & Hove, or Daggers & Redbridge are jokingly referred to as two different teams playing the same oppo
  • When Arbroath striker Kevin Webster scores and Stelling says “ohh, Sally will be pleased”
  • Something bad happens to Craig Bellamy (injury, og, booked, arrested for assault etc.)
  • Northampton Town appear on the vidiprinter.
  • Jeff sings “I feel good” when James Brown scores for Hartlepool

These are just a taste of the situations that occur during Soccer Saturday, and feel free to add more of your own making to spice up for your Soccer Saturday bingo session! Once you’ve played this, jump online to play free games at any bingo site. You can win big and use it to spice up your Soccer Saturday fun!

Would you prefer to just play football instead of sitting at home? So basically you want to be a professional footballer? Click here!


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Special Feature: How Poker Can Improve Your Football Game

Most players focus on physical fitness when training for football, but that only gets you so far. In order to be the best player you can be, you have to get your head in the game as well.

There are plenty of creative ways to train your mind for football, but playing poker is probably one of the most obscure ones you’ll come across. Nevertheless, it could enhance your skills in more ways than one.

Let’s take a look at how poker can improve your football game.


Reading Your Opponents

Poker is a game of strategy much like football is. It requires the ability to read other people you are playing against and identify their strengths and weaknesses. When you’re on the football field, you need to be able to see similar strength and weaknesses so you can adjust your strategy and ultimately score a goal. A little time at the poker table could be just what you need.

You can learn from a person’s body language and his playing style in a poker game. Subtle twitches can indicate hesitance and a lack of confidence worth tapping into. If you can pick up on those signs in a soccer game, you will be able to dodge other players and successfully get the ball to someone else on your team. Your mind will be in the game then.


Maintaining Your Aggression

In order to intimidate your opponents in football or in poker, you need to be a bit aggressive. That doesn’t mean you have to start punching people in the face. It just means that you have to exude enough confidence to make people start questioning themselves.

If you can learn to be confident when you play poker, you can take that same mindset into a football game. Make the other players feel like you are superior to them. Make them shudder at the idea of playing against you. Then you will have an easier time scoring a goal.


Holding Your Bluff

You don’t always have to have a good hand to win in poker. You can make other people think you have something you don’t. In football, you can make people think you’re going to move one direction when you have other plans entirely.

This isn’t bluffing, so to speak, but it is a matter of manipulation. If you can begin reading players in poker, you can start to see what you can do to make them fold under pressure.

In soccer, you can use those reading abilities to psyche the other players out on the field. Adjust your body language, speed, and sight to indicate a move that contradicts your true plans. You can get through a game much easier after that.


Keeping Your Focus

Concentration is a large component of poker and football alike. If you cannot focus on you opponents and the game as a whole, you could be caught off guard. It is difficult to practice concentration on the playing field because you have to move your body and your mind at the same time.

With poker, you can use your brain alone. Once you get your mind trained to pay attention, you can get your body to follow suit.


Planning Your Strategy

Poker may seem like a game that happens one card at a time, but it actually involves a complex set of moves. Much like a chess player, a poker player has to think about his moves and his opponent’s future moves before deciding how to act in a hand. Should he check, wait for a bet, and then raise? Should he bet strongly from the start to weed out the potential for luck?

Both activities require the ability to think three steps ahead of the other player. You can improve your chances of strategizing on the fly after playing poker.


Releasing Your Stress

At the end of the day, poker doesn’t have to be serious and intense. It can just be a fun game to play with your buddies. If you’re stressed out from work, school, sports, and more, you may simply want to let loose from time to time. Poker is a great way to step away from reality and take the pressure off yourself for a while. Learn to use it to your advantage.

Whether you’re preparing for the World Series of Poker or the FIFA World Cup, you can benefit from the skills listed above. Tune into your true capabilities, and you will be unstoppable on the field.

Author bio: Curt D Peterson is an avid gamer, who also loves writing. He has for years played in poker tournaments around the world and made a living off it. He has also ghost written a number of articles that have been featured in reputed journals.

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Feature: Tips To Select The Right Sportsbook

Betting on a sports event is very common across the globe. In some countries, it is legal, while in others it is termed illegal. Bets are usually placed on sports such as baseball, golf, horseracing, football, hockey, basketball, mixed martial arts and soccer. Betting can be done on almost any sport and the sports that can be bet on varied from one country to the other.

In the US, sportsbooks are used to place bets on sports. Sports Gambling is a huge business and therefore there are many sportsbooks that are available all over the internet.

Identifying the right sportsbook for you is not an easy task due to the various options that are available. One has to be very smart and patient while selecting a sportsbook. A lot of research and time will be required if you want to find the sportsbook that is the best one for you.

In this post, we will discuss about a few tips that will be of great help to you while selecting a sportsbook. The tips that are mentioned here will help you to steer away from the sportsbooks that have to be avoided.


Sportsbook selecting tips


Tip #1: Be very selective:

The business of sportsbooks will fluctuate depending on the various sports events that are being held across the globe. Most sportsbooks will dish out various promotional offers before the start of the season.

They know that if they get you now then they will have you all season long.  This is a good thing for the sports bettor because you can use the sportsbooks against each other and look for the best offer.


Tip #2: Reputation is everything:

Do your homework before you choose a sportsbook for the season. Make a point of looking for reviews online that are offered on each sportsbook. If you can find several reviews and compare them, you should see a trend of what sportsbooks are rated high on a regular basis. It is vital to select a sportsbook that is rated highly in several places. This reputation will go a long way.


Tip #3: Payouts are paramount:

As an informed sports bettor you need to look into what payout methods a sportsbook has to offer and how much they cost.  In the long run, the key is to win money and get paid. If you know the way that a sportsbook pays out, there will not be any surprises when it comes time to get your money.


Tip #4: Bonus time:

Every sportsbook will offer a bonus on your deposit.  Football season is the best time to bonus hunt because the sportsbooks will raise the numbers to get your business. Do not fall in love with a big bonus number and settle for a lower rated sportsbook. Bonuses are nice but if the customer service is weak or you do not get paid out, that a bonus is irrelevant.


Tip #5: Perks:

All sportsbooks offer bonuses and claim to be the best, but dig deeper many sportsbooks have perks that others do not in an attempt to separate themselves from the competition. Some examples of these types of perks are free plays, cash rebates, and gifts and merchandise via loyalty clubs or player points.

If you do your research, you will be able to find a sportsbook with the benefits you are looking for. Visit Wikipedia to learn how to select right sportsbook.


Frank Benjamin is a seasoned sports bettor. He loves providing gamblers sport betting tips. Frank has also written for various other sites in the industry. Read more here for further help in Sport betting.

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Feature: The Increasing Success of Football Betting

Football betting has long been popular amongst those that like to gamble, as illustrated by the ubiquitous presence of betting shops on high streets across the United Kingdom. Yet unlike many formerly popular industries, the world of football betting has thrived in the era of the internet.

Indeed, all of the major bookmakers like have setup online versions of their physical shops, leading to not only a mass exodus from the high street to the virtual world of online gambling, but it has tempted a greater proportion of the population to gamble on sports than ever before.

Now, in terms of popularity, football betting is matched only by the wealth of similarly popular online casinos.

Reasons for the continued and increasing popularity of football betting:

1. Convenience – this is arguably the main reason for the aforementioned surge. The added convenience has been generated by giving those interested in sports betting the ability to find tips and odds information, in addition to being able to place bets securely online.

The World Wide Web has therefore made football betting into something that is very accessible in terms of the ability that the average punter now has to make an informed betting choice.


2. Audience – There has been a marked increase In the level enthusiasm for sport in general amongst the public, but it is football – and the Premier League in particular –that has seen a surge in popularity and therefore in the number of people betting on its results.


3. Advertising – The likes of Bwin are experts in marketing their brand and bringing themselves to the attention of a mass audience. Indeed, sponsorship deals with European footballing behemoths, Real Madrid and AC Milan, have obviously brought the betting site to the attention of a massive audience, thus helping to increase the popularity of sports betting on a global scale.


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Arsenal: The Season Preview

Major transfers IN: None

Major Transfers OUT: Andrei Arshavin - Free - Zenit; Andre Santos- Undis. - Flamengo; Johan Djourou- Loan - Hamburg; Gervinho - undis. - AS Roma; Marouane Chamakh - undis. - Crystal Palace

This season looks to be a defining one for Arsène Wenger even though he is now the longest serving manager in the whole of the football league and managed to yet again secure fourth place last season.

Last autumn/winter things looks very bleak for “Le Professeur” as he saw his team win only 3 games from the 15th of September until the 8th of December, a run which saw embarrassing results such as losing at Norwich, at home to Swansea and drawing at home to Fulham, and away to an Aston Villa team at the depths of their season, along with early title hopes being crushed by losses to Chelsea and Man United.

It could be argued that Wenger may have even been out of his job had one of those 3 victories not been a stunning 5-2 victory over Tottenham.

This early season form saw Arsenal take just 1.4 points per game in their first 15 games, which if they had kept up for the whole season would have seen them finish around 8th in the league. Then came a run of results which may give us a glimpse into the type of Arsenal team we can expect to see this season.

A 23 game run starting on December 8th saw Arsenal establish a record of W16 D4 L3 which saw them pick up 2.43 PPG (Points per game) and ultimately secured them their cherished 4th place, but (and it’s a HUGE but) if they had secured that kind of PPG for the whole season they would have finished top, which illustrated what a remarkable turnaround they achieved.

Although this is an unbelievable run of results for the second half of the season, 6 of their 7 games that they didn’t win were against those who finished in the top 6 last season, as they lost to Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham and drew to Everton and Man Utd (also Southampton).

This second half of the season record suggests that Arsenal really can be somewhat of “flat-track bullies” in seeing off teams in the lower half of the table, and this is something that became more apparent during the second half of the season, but even in the first half of the season their inability to secure wins against their rivals in the top 7 saw them fall fell short of the top 2, as they only managed two victories against the top 7 all season (the Tottenham home win and an away win at Liverpool).

This season looks like it could be a familiar story in my opinion for Gunners fans, winning the games they should be winning and falling short in the “big” games that will no doubt be the focus of many a “Super Sunday”, leaving them yet again short of their target to really challenge for the title and battling to secure their Top 4 birth.

Champions League progress was halted by eventual winners Bayern Munich last season which is certainly no disgrace but when you compared the two teams starting line ups last season you can see how far Arsenal have fallen as a team from the days of the Invincibles as Bayern substituted Ribery for Robben whilst Arsenal substituted Ramsey for Rosicky, a show of the gulf in class if one was needed.

Arsenal’s midfield looks pretty strong in the middle with classy creative players such as Wilshere, Cazorla and Arteta but it is at the back where the problems seem to lie.

Koscielny came on leaps and bounds as a players last season and Per Mertesacker played a big part in the second half of the season push but he is all too prone to mistakes and it says something about Thomas Vermaelen’s fall from grace that he can’t get into the team ahead of him, and a strong centre back in front of the improving Szczesny would no doubt improve a defence which was already very strong last season.

Of course, the main talking point about Arsenal is their lack of starting strikers and whether Theo Walcott should be playing up front. Walcott scored 21 goals last season in all competitions which is an excellent return and if Arsenal don’t sign a striker he could be more than capable of stepping up anyway.

This season they will inevitably get through the group stage as winners and beat a poor group runner up before exiting in the quarter finals at the hands of a team with real class and quality.

The domestic cups are Arsenal’s most realistic chance of silverware and despite the Capital One Cup being largely ignored by Wenger over his Arsenal tenure I’m sure Arsenal fans would love a day out at Wembley and the competition is very winnable if given enough attention.

The FA cup is much harder to win as it is seen as a more important trophy to win and as with any cup run they would need some luck to avoid any of their rivals but once they inevitably do, it’s hard to see Arsenal beating a couple of good teams consecutively to win it.


Betting recommendations

The 11/1 on Arsenal looks ridiculously short when you consider the gulf in class between their squad and squads such as Chelsea’s and Manchester City’s which is littered with star quality in all departments, but Arsenal do have the foundations of a very strong team, and Wenger has started to shift out deadwood such as Djourou and Arshavin but still needs a few quality players to give them the depth that other top sides have.

There doesn’t seem many bets that jump out at me wanting to back anything to do with Arsenal but with no major transfer activity happening and other sides below them such as Tottenham doing good business I think the 5/4 with Bet Victor about them not finishing in the top 4 seem a fair bet.

I also foreshadow another tussle with Tottenham being very close again this year and their could always be a surprise package in the form of Everton or Liverpool, which leads to a 4-way fight for the last Champions League place making the 5/4 seem attractive.

Recommendation: 1pt Arsenal NOT to finish in the top 4 - 5/4 (Bet Victor)


Written by Alex Evans

Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexWeemEvans

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Premier League Betting Preview: This Weekend’s Top 5 Bets

This weekend we’re back to a full complement of Premier League fixtures as there is no FA Cup action to contend with, and it could be a pivotal weekend for both ends of the table as Manchester City would have had a tricky fixture away to Europe-chasing wounded animals Everton earlier in the day in the lunchtime match, while in the evening clash champions-elect Manchester United take on the relegation-threatened and managerless Reading, with the Royals fully knowing the task ahead of them in light of the crucial six-pointer between fellow basement dwellers Aston Villa and QPR in the pick of the 3pm games.

The first tip comes from the Liberty Stadium however, where the newly-crowned Capital One Cup winners look a tad over-priced to claim their third successive league victory over Arsenal today.  I would suggest the quoted match odds represent an over-reaction of sorts to the Gunners’ admittedly impressive yet ultimately fruitless 2-0 midweek win at Bayern Munich, coupled with an away win being seen as necessary to maintain real hope amongst Arsene Wenger’s men of trips to opposition of Bayern’s ilk next season.

The Swans will not be easy pickings by any stretch however, and Michael Laudrup has been keen to stress there remains lots to play for despite safety assured and a cup win under their belt.  Besides, having the pressure off should only encourage even more champagne football from Michu, De Guzman and the like.

Next up, I see no reason why Luis Suarez cannot continue his impressive goalscoring form at a notoriously porous Southampton at St. Mary this afternoon, while former Saints boss Harry Redknapp will be as pumped for a QPR win today at Aston Villa as he was for his current team to beat his old employers a couple of weeks ago.  Redknapp always gets dogs abuse at Villa Park and he’ll use the home fans’ bile as an incentive to rile his players to extend their recent purple patch.  Expect the Hoops to come away from Birmingham this evening with at least a point.

Redknapp’s old protegè from the South Coast and more recently North London was unavailable for Tottenham’s torturous yet ultimately successful trip to the San Siro on Thursday, but Gareth Bale will return from his European ban to give his team-mates a badly-needed boost after successive bashings by Liverpool and Inter Milan.

Spurs looked out on their feet, in particular at the back, towards the end of Thursday’s Europa League marathon and a significantly fresher Fulham have the quality in Bryan Ruiz and former Lilywhite Dimitar Berbatov to capitalise on a tired defence and find the net.  A well-rested Bale may have the last laugh, however.



1) Swansea to beat Arsenal 23/10 PINNACLEBET
2) Southampton vs. Liverpool Suarez Anytime Goalscorer Evens BOYLESPORTS
3) QPR +0.5 Handicap vs. Aston Villa 4/6 Ladbrokes
4) Tottenham vs. Fulham Both Teams to Score 17/20 BetVictor
5) Tottenham vs. Fulham Gareth Bale Last Goalscorer 3/1 EVERYWHERE!


Written by Emelie Okeke

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Premier League Betting Preview: This Weekend’s Top 5 Bets

This weekend’s Premier League fixture list has been almost halved as a result of running concurrently with the FA Cup quarter-finals, but there are still truffles to be found in the mud that is a difficult top-flight coupon comprising of relegation six-pointers, mid-table battles and… Liverpool vs. Tottenham where the North Londoners look great value to take something tangible away from Anfield on Sunday afternoon.

The red-hot Spurs are unbeaten in twelve league games since a last-gasp defeat to Everton in December, but they look set for happier memories from this particular trip to Merseyside.  Liverpool aren’t in bad nick either it must be said, buoyed by top-scorer Luis ‘Marmite’ Suarez’s weighty goal contributions, and Phillipe Coutinho looks a player too.

However the Reds have yet to beat any of the teams above them on the current table in nine attempts this season and it will make for curious viewing to see what provisions are made to prevent man of the moment Gareth Bale from continuing his ceaseless run of destruction.

Back to today, and with Wigan on cup duty Reading and Aston Villa fans will know that one of their teams will be out of the relegation zone come 5pm today.  This writer is opting for Villa, who were good value for a point against Man City on Monday night and would have got one if it wasn’t for a pesky schoolkid’s error from Ciaran Clark.  Moment of madness notwithstanding, Clark and co acquitted themselves well on Monday, they just lacked the requisite teeth to make imprints on the best defence in the land.

Reading, though, have conceded over twice as many goals as Man City and are starting to ship points - and goals at an alarming rate at just the wrong time.  Eight goals let in and no points from their last three league matches and in addition Jason Roberts ruled out for the rest of the season and the attack badly missing the physical threat of the suspended Pavel Pogrebnyak.  Christian Benteke and Andreas Weimann have punished better defences and can inflict more pain today at the Madejeski.

As someone who revels in the accolade of having successfully being able to predict precisely none of QPR’s fixtures correctly this season, I can say with no degree of confidence whatsoever that the Hoops are worth backing to follow up their impressive victory against Southampton last weekend by winning to nil at Loftus Road for the first time this season.

Sunderland’s switch to 4-4-2 since the purchase of Danny Graham has not done the Mackems any discernible favours, and the resurgent (for now) Hoops can leave Martin O’Neill’s boys looking over their shoulders come tonight.  Two things, meanwhile, look set in stone to occur at Carrow Road this afternoon when Southampton rock up to play Norwich.

First, the away team will score.  Second, the marvellous Rickie Lambert will notch against the faltering Canaries.



1) Tottenham +0.5 (Asian Handicap) 11/10 188BET
2) Aston Villa to beat Reading 21/10 CORAL
3) QPR to beat Sunderland to nil 3/1 CORAL
4) Norwich vs Southampton Away team to score first 6/5 BETFRED
5) Norwich vs Southampton Rickie Lambert to score anytime 2/1 STAN JAMES


Written by Emelie Okeke

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The Football Betting Guide

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of laying a bet on the football on a Saturday afternoon to really get your adrenaline pumping.

A few small bets here and there can turn a game you may have had little interest in into one of the games of the season but where to start? Football is a notoriously unpredictable game with surprise results coming every week. Here’s our guide to the fundamentals, to get you started:


Do your homework

Picking out a team from the match day schedule can be a tricky business. All you have, until you do your homework, is a name. What do we mean by ‘homework’? Well, a team’s form is crucial in making your betting decision, so you should be asking yourself questions like; ‘what was their last game like? Did they win?’; ‘who scored and how many?’

By asking yourself questions like this, you’ll be able to work out the ‘in-form’ teams of the moment. Conversely, you’ll be able to work out the weakest selections in the league and bet against them.


What bet works best for you?

Defining what you want out of your bet is a good place to start. The most obvious factors are how much you’re willing to stake as well as how much you’d like to win- after all, putting ten pounds on a thousand to one bet may sound tempting but you’re more likely to lose that ten pounds than make ten thousand.

Online gaming websites often have an instant bet calculator which shows you exactly how much you’re likely to win from your proposed bets and here are two types of bet to consider laying:



Instead of betting a large amount on one fixture, betting on an accumulator is a great way to increase your odds at the same time as decreasing your stake. On any given day there are likely to be large favourites to win, so by putting a bet on more than one result you can massively increase your potential pay out.

Look for teams called ‘bankers’, these usually consist of three or four favourites which are there to ‘bulk out’ your accumulator- adding riskier teams at the end will increase your potential pay out further.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more skilful that doesn’t rely completely on others’ luck then try a few hands of poker but remembering first to read a decent poker blog.



Perhaps one of the more challenging bets to lay, the scorecast can simply be described as picking the correct final score. If you’ve done your homework as described above, you’ll quickly see how many goals a team is likely to score in a given match and how many another are likely to let in.

Of course, this is sometimes a lot easier said than done as football results vary massively- so you may not be correct in your prediction but you may have the comfort of an excellent afternoon’s football.

Adding the first or last goalscorer to your scorecast is a sure-fire way of massively increasing your odds- and if your team tends to rely on a single striker for their goals, it may not be a bad addition to your bet.


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