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It is always a great pleasure to watch the young talents play football. One of the best talents around the world is the German international, the amazing and incredible Mario Götze. 

Götze is considered to be a potential world class player and in few years he might win the “world’s best player” award. He has a lot of abilities including his high speed, dribbling skills, who’s very creative with the ball and an excellent play-maker.

He made his Bundesliga debut in 2009 and his international debut on 2010 . A lot of his fans and critics are wondering where he will play in the following years, is he going to Spain or England. Or he will stay loyal to his club?!

A question I won’t be able to answer it but I will tell you this, leaving to Spain will destroy his talent and won’t help him, while going to England will improve his skills and will make him a better player, cause as we all know the EPL is the best league in the world and the greatest place to improve one’s skill and talent . 

Last season he had a serious injury where he played on 17 games and manage to score 6 goals with 5 assists. 

Despite that, he was able to participate and play in EURO 2012 with his national team, and they made it till the semi finals but they got knocked out by the Italian side, though he didn’t play a lot and he was a substitute during the tournament.

For me I’ve always admired his talents and skills, and I would love to see him in Arsenal more than any other player. I believe he will be one of the greatest ever, and it’s not just me who admires him.

German legend Franz Beckenbauer praised him saying, “There is no one playing better than him. He runs through opponents as though they aren’t there.” 

That’s more than enough to let you consider him as a top talent and a future superstar.

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Written by Ahmad Ibrahim
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