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England are the underdogs,
that is plain to see,
They’re in the Euro 2016 -
and Rooney’s hurt his knee!
We never seem to do well -
and we never win a trophy,
Will we win this competition -
and revel in the glory?

We all stick together, and
play our very best,
But, sadly, as we all do know -
we always fail the test.
We are manged by Roy
Hodgson - who is always
in command,
But on occasions we do
play naff - and he grabs
us by the hand.

We only just qualified -
that is the shocking
So, if we do ever win a
game, we may feel so
We are to play Wales,
the country of song and
But if England do beat
them - the world will
all rejoice!

We must be all positive -
and hail the England
football team,
But, sadly, at the moment -
winning is just a dream.
Maybe we can enlist some
help - especially for free;
‘How about little Fleetwood
Town - or even Accrington

England need to concentrate
and be more positive,
Our cynicism they will
Take each game as it
comes - like the side of
They should look to the
future - there is no quick

We must play like we are
“world class” - and hold
our heads up high,
Because if we fail again -
we’ll all be hung out to
Our manager’s, too, they
need to pick all the very
best players,
Or, we’ll end up like Paul
Gascoigne - it’ll all end in
a flood of tears!

So, come on you England -
do your duty, do it for the
Go to Euro 2016 - show
everyone you’re mean!!!!
With your heads held high,
you all stand proud, and
you want to “kiss your
Show the world we are
“superstars” - or we’ll
quickly know our fate!

But let us look to the
future - as we all have
had enough.
What the England football
team really needs is; ‘ a
manager like Sir Brian
So, hail, hail, and hail
again, will England win
the day?
Only if they are managed
by; ‘the ghost of Sir Alf


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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