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Do you want to fly like Messi? Then follow the tips below.

No soccer team can ever dream of doing well without a reliable goalkeeper. The goalkeeper forms the last line of a team’s defense. It is such a key position that it plays a crucial role in determining the result of a match.

For instance, a team that is doing poorly in defense and is not being able to stop the opponent from coming up with one attack after another, can get away with a draw just because of having a great goalkeeper who helps them to keep a clean score sheet with some spectacular saves. Mentioned below are some useful tips that will help you in becoming a good goalkeeper.

Do Not Lose Focus on the Ball

A mistake that novice goalkeepers often commit is that they start watching the ball only when it is there inside the penalty box. It is necessary for a goalkeeper to keep seeing the ball each and every moment. Even when the ball is far away from you, you need to keep watching it so that you do not find yourself unprepared when the opposition suddenly comes inside your penalty box.

Many goalkeepers have realized later how dangerous it can be if the eyes are not on the ball all the time.


Be Prepared for Leaving the Penalty Box

The main aim of a goalie is to prevent the shots of the opposition players from entering inside the goal. However, you can find such situations in a match where it is necessary for you to come out of the penalty box. But it is not wise to perform this act frequently as the opponent will always be ready to capitalize on the slightest of mistake from your part. You should be ready to leave the goal line and attack the ball when it is required.

When you make a run towards the ball, you should be full of determination and confidence that you will either clear away the ball from the feet of the opponent striker or stop him successfully.


Reach for the Crosses

Before jumping up in the air for saving the ball, you must ensure that it will actually be possible for you to reach for the ball. It is quite challenging for a goalkeeper to determine whether he should or should not jump for intercepting the cross. This is actually something that you will get to learn with the matches you play.

It is with experience that you will develop the capability of anticipating. If ever you end up losing the ball even after jumping, then the opponent strikers will waste no time in capitalizing on the opportunity that you have presented them.


Do Not Repeat Your Mistakes

It is absolutely necessary for a goalie to realize his mistakes and learn from them. While playing, it is quite obvious that you will make mistakes and you should use them as learning curves. It is extremely essential for you to have sufficient amount of confidence in yourself.

Mentioned above are some highly useful tips that you will enable you to polish your goalkeeping skills and will take you further in your football career.


Description: Goalkeeper is a key player in a football team. He needs to have all the necessary skills along with good presence of mind in order to make sure that his team does not concede.


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