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It’s very easy to think of the current situation surrounding Robin Van Persie as puzzling. He has seemingly turned his back on Arsenal, but within the space of a week, change his mind like a pre-pubescent teen. All strange ideas aside, we have to agree with that Robin van Persie has been the gears to the engine which is Arsenal. 

But within the idea of Robin leaving we need to consider a long-term replacement, but who?

If you did a quick Twitter/Facebook/Google search you would see the wanted replacement by arsenal fans except Giroud and Podolski which have already been signed are the likes of Edin Dzeko, Robert Lewandowski, Fernando Llorente and Steven Jovetic. But there has been one player who has caught my eye for some amount of time now. 

He somewhat resembles an old legend of Arsenal which is Thierry Henry. The player I’m referring to is Loic Remy. The main part of Loic is the fact he is French which instantly puts him in front of every player on the lists. But remove the nationality of Loic, there are multiple ways he could be seen as a a decent transfer target for Arsenal.

He has a incredible acceleration and sprint speed, which to play in the Barclays Premier League is a must. 

With pretty impressive ball control, which again is almost essential with someone of his stature, at the height of 6 feet and half an inch (only 1 and a half inches smaller that Henry), but the downside is his previous performances as they haven’t been to mind blowing as of yet, though it’s moderately heartless blaming that on solely him. 

Let’s face it, Marseille aren’t the most dominant team in the Ligue 1 after the rise of Montpellier and PSG. But if you placed him in the strike fore of Arsenal with the playmaking powers of Arteta and Song, we could have a winning package.

But could this be a quick task or a long one, to translate a mediocre Loic into a ‘God Like’ Henry. Well, the fact that Loic is already 25 which already deems him a pensioner in the eyes of the football pundits of today, but the style of play is similar to what Henry was playing at the height of his career, albeit with a smaller goal tally as Loic has only scored 4 goals in 17 appearances in the French national team and a total of 56 goals in his entire professional career in the Ligue 1.  

Well, at least a language barrier wouldn’t be a problem with Loic Remy into the current Arsenal team. But with a decent amount of training and support from ‘The Professor’ Arsene Wenger we could have a star in the making.

Written by Jonathan Herridge
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