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Football betting has always been an enormously popular pastime in the UK, but unlike a lot of forms of entertainment, this popularity has only grown during the digital era, as the big sports betting companies (such as have set up websites to allow those who enjoy this to place bets online. There are also a lot of different options when it comes to football betting these days, whether it is club, international or European competitions; but there is no doubt that one of the most popular competitions to bet on is the Champions League.

Of course, like any other kind of football betting, gambling on the winner of the Champions League can be pretty risky – after all very few people would have bet on Chelsea winning the competition last year!

Throughout the time that the competition has existed there have been plenty of other unexpected winners because, although the competition is supposed to prove the best team in Europe, it is still essentially a cup competition and thus not exactly scientific in this respect. Therefore, betting on the likes of Barcelona to win may seem like a safe bet, but it offers no guarantees – no matter their league form and the quality in their team.

This season’s competition has reached the point where we have a pretty good idea of which sides are going to make it through the dreaded group stages – and already those who chose to bet on Manchester City following up last season’s Premier League victory by making an impact in Europe will be wishing they hadn’t.

Despite the millions available to City, they have utterly failed to live up to expectations and now look more or less certain to exit the competition in the group stages, and the fact that last season’s winner Chelsea may yet follow them demonstrates that the Champions League is not an easy competition to bet on.


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