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The rumour mills have been going wild this summer with rumours of a blockbuster transfer on the cards.

Sergio Ramos, the world class defender with an appetite for the unpredictable, is rumoured to be Louis van Gaal’s latest big money signing.

But would it work? And what would the implications be for Real Madrid?


What would happen with Madrid?

If Ramos were to move to United, who would Real Madrid get to replace him?

Many people have stated that Raphael Varane could be ready to make the step up, a notion I do not share, but either way a centre back would need to be signed as a backup.

I think this would be a disappointing piece of business for Real Madrid, as I cannot see them being able to buy anybody who is as good as Sergio Ramos and they would be losing a leader in the dressing room.

In my opinion, Raphael Varane is not ready due to his lack of confidence on the ball. Yes he has pace and defensive quality’s in abundance, but he can be mistake prone.

Also, a defence with Pepe and Varane would lack balance and a ball playing defender, which is something that Sergio Ramos clearly is.

So in my opinion, this would be a bad piece of business for Real Madrid and they should keep Ramos no matter what.



Sergio Ramos is still one of the best defenders in the world today, so it’s safe to say a lot could go right with this transfer for Manchester United.

He is very confident on the ball, something Man Utd’s defence severely lacks and is a leader another thing Man Utd need at the back right now. He is also one of the best scoring centre backs in the whole world, which is always a positive.

These are reasons United fans should be excited for his possible arrival.

Now, let’s look at what they should be weary off.



First of all, we all know Sergio Ramos has the capability to lose the plot on numerous occasions, and I do think he would get caught out with this more in the Premier league than in Spain.

Reason? Very simply put: it happens a lot more in Spain.

If a referee had to book a Diego Godin or a Pepe for every little foul, or shirt pull or small headbutt every big game would get abandoned, but this type of behaviour happens a lot less in England and, therefore, will get picked up on a lot more by referees and could see Ramos getting sent off and banned more often than not.


Is it smart for Ramos to leave the Bernabeu?

If I was Sergio Ramos, I would NOT be leaving Real Madrid this summer.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. They finally have a Spanish manager. Finally, a manager who will respect Ramos for all he has done for Spain’s  footballing reputation.
  2. He is now at a club where, to put this bluntly, he is getting away with hell.

The amount of times Sergio Ramos got idotically sent off or stupidly banned is hard to count, but this club has stuck by him all along. Of course, there have been arguments along the way but that is to be expected with some of the behaviour Ramos has shown in the past.


What are the chances of this transfer occurring?

In my honest opinion, I cannot see this one happening in the near future. To me, Sergio Ramos would rather stay in Madrid and sunny Spain than come over to England.

Also, I cannot see Madrid letting go of him easily and Man United will probably be put off by the asking price Madrid will place on the 29-year-old.

But if Man Utd do get him, it would be one hell of a statement of intent.


Written by Jamie De Geir

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