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He’s good. Really good. Awesome even.

Manchester United have acquired Mkhitrayan for an impressive sum of somewhat around 30 million British Pounds.

The guy was a top shot in the Bundesliga and he was even named the best player of the Season recently. That says a lot about a football player especially given the level Germans usually show on the field.

When Mino Raiola, the same manager who brought Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba into Manchester’s play got a hold of Henrikh Mkhitrayan those who bet on-line smiled with a moneymaking smile.

That smirk only lasted until people have seen – or should I say haven’t seen Henrich’s game at all.

So why on earth would Mourinho, Man United’s manager, give him so little time on the field?


Here’s where things get weird

Mkhitrayan’s single first game since the tenth of September was a 29 minutes stroll of the bench in a devastating 2 – 1 loss in a match at Fenerbrahce.

Are 29 minutes enough to display actual talent for a high-class player and why were they his only time on the field?

Apparently that time should have been enough to make Mourinho happy or sad with a player.

In fact, in his recent chatter with Sky Sports Mourinho has displayed a rather awkward position regarding Mkhitrayan.

The manager of Man United believes that Henrikh needs to do more, he is obligated to show a better game.

Simple, right?

Apparently Mourinho has gigantic expectations at every single player in the club. His soul belief is that Henrikh must be superior to Juan Mata, Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard.

That is an interesting position that has solid ground to stand on. In theory.

In reality – how can Henrikh really show what he s capable of while sitting on the bench? And, as far as this season goes, how hard is it to show a better game than Martial or Lingard?


Impressive past

Well OK, Mata is doing great but Mkhitaryan has scored eleven goals and has twenty assists in his record during the last season at Bundesliga as well as twelve goals and twelve assists in additional tournaments.

Isn’t that enough? Wouldn’t it be better to let the guy out into the field?

People raised loads of cash on while betting on his goals.

Alas Mou’s mind is a closed book and none can really understand what exactly is going inside that brilliant head of his.

Perhaps his choice is for the best? Who knows? Only time can tell.

But here’s what’s really important – what do you guys think about the situation? Should Mourinho give Mkhitrayan a chance?


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