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Like all modern day footballers, stating the blindingly obvious, Van Persie is obsessed with money. He and the others can never get enough. 

Together with his con agent, (who is also rubbing his hands in anticipation of his share of the booty) they realise that if he does not make his position at Arsenal untenable, then they will miss out on a big chance to milk some sucker club such as Manchester City who have already conned out of a good few billions. He is aware that if he is held to his contract, then at 30 years of age in 2013, he will no longer be an attractive proposition to the money clubs.

Remember that this is a player who spent more time on the treatment table than on the  field of play over the past eight years. I did not hear him bemoan Arsenal’s lack of ambition then. He was quite happy to pick up his weekly wages without contributing to the Arsenal cause. 

Arsenal football club is not a short term project to feed the egos of the likes of Rip off Van Persie. It is run along financial lines that every other club can only dream about and envy. Yes, that includes even those who are throwing billions into building a football team.

When he was in danger of earning the title “Sick note” did Arsenal tell him that his ambition does not match the ambition of the club because he was not on the field so he is actually a liability therefore he should leave? 

The reason his contract situation has reached this point is because he cannot be trusted to stay fit. 

We have not won a trophy for seven years even though we have had a string of so called world beaters in Fabregas, Nasri and company. 

Could it be that Van Persie ‘s poor input is also a contributory factor?  Let’s face it, he’s nowhere near Thierry Henry’s class. Surely you have to deliver for more than one season to be highly rated. A man who delivers only at 28 years of age must be considered a one season wonder (a freak of nature). 

Apart from last season, it may come as a shock to some, according to the statistics, this man has averaged eight league goals in his previous seven seasons. Is he suddenly a super star who can dictate to a great man like Arsene Wenger the direction in which he believes the club should go?  

Is he saying that Podolski, a 100 cap German international and Giroud, the leading goal scorer in France who helped his team win the league, are poor signings?  What an insult to our great manager! That is disrespect of the highest order. 

Has he forgotten that we finished third and with these acquisitions our team will improved? This is what makes his claim that Arsenal lack ambition ludicrous. He had his agenda from the very beginning and he is sticking to it no matter how absurd it may appear to anyone else. 

His conduct makes the likes of Nasri look like a saint and worse of all, he has insulted the intelligence of the Arsenal fans by claiming that he loves the club. Wenger has stood by him when his on and off the field antics was unsavoury to say the least.

It’s about time someone took a stance against these overpaid buffoons whose greed knows no limits. He should be stripped of the captaincy immediately and forced to rot in the Arsenal reserves until his contract runs out.  

Perhaps his ambition is for Arsenal to build an Amsterdam style café at the Emirates which supplies you know what. Arsenal are better off without the likes of him since he has made a mockery of all the great values of our great club.  

Written by Goolam Rawat

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