Connect in the back of the net

Manchester United have now

gone up a gear,

They sold Wayne Rooney -

who silently shed a tear.

But Man U are now playing

well - and winning more


Now Rooney plays for his

beloved home team,

Everton; ‘and he’s scoring

goals in his dreams.’


Now let’s hear it for the Kop,

and the mighty Liverpool,

They really are a team to

watch - they are all so super-


They recently played the

Gunners - the mighty Arsenal,

And Liverpool sure did thrash

them - did Liverpool take a


Then the mighty Chelsea, they

are struggling now for form,

They really should be winning

games - as losing isn’t the


But every team has their off-

days - and they can’t win every


But they have to all stay focused,

and play for their name.


The Premier League is tough -

that is what we all know,

But they train as hard as they

can - on Saturday they put

on a show.

No matter who you support,

what team, what player, you


Just as long as you’re team

win - and never ever lose!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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