Connect in the back of the net

The land could be bare but doesn’t mean it won’t produce,

The land could be dry but doesn’t mean it’s not fertile.

It takes time for some things, it takes time to come clean,

Deep inside the beast lives, the land can hold its produce.

It can withstand the tough seasons, the truth it withholds.

The dry seasons, the invasion of the unknown, the new seeds,

Tough to uncover the combination but eventually wins.

It knows its strength, where it draws its strength, how it’s done.

It won’t promise you a heavy harvest but will study the process.

It prepares for the season, when ready, it’s ready.

And the universe says, I see you’re ready let’s do this.

Let’s perform, let’s get new numbers, new chapters,

Brings home another win and reigns the Premier League.


Written by Joy Muthoni

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