Connect in the back of the net

The English FA Cup
goes on for ever more,
But in some games
that are played - both
teams fail to score.

But there are some
shocks in store - as
the underdogs do
And when they are
on the pitch - they
really all do gel.

‘Just take a look at
the seasiders - little
Blackpool by the
‘They march on to
the next round,
winning is the key.’

‘They are also doing
well in the league,
that is for sure,
So advancing in
the FA Cup - is
the perfect cure.’

Little Fleetwood
Town, sadly, go
out of this
But they did very
well - they enjoyed
their magic moment.

Now they seriously
are doing well in
league division one,
They are now in the
play-offs - boy, they’re
having some fun!

The excitement is
now mounting as
the little teams do
The more games
they do win - the
more tickets they
do sell.

This is what makes
the FA Cup so special,
that is for sure.
Especially when the
players involved,
play well and finish
with a high score.

Oh, I almost forgot,
another team who’s
A team who should
have (WON) promotion -
from league division

Yes, the fabulous
Accrington Stanley,
they drink a lot of
Because sometimes
on the pitch - they
really play like silk!

Let’s all enjoy every
game - and the
excitement that’s on
Enjoy the fantastic
atmosphere, that
we’ve come to know.

There’s more signings
still to come -as new
talent is unveiled,
And then they can
show their footy skills -
on the football field.

Oh come oh ye
faithful followers,
and follow your
favourite name.
That’s why in the
future - English
football is the game!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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