Connect in the back of the net

The English FA Cup is
getting very exciting,
Some lower league
English teams - it’s all
very inviting.

Manchester United
are through, as well
they really should be,
Their main aim is to
lift this solid silver

Liverpool have to
replay their game,
and try and beat
And Tottenham
take on Wycombe,
While Derby take
on Leicester - at
their football home.

There’s Chelsea versus
Brentford, now that
should be a classic.
And Millwall and West
Ham United - this really
sounds fantastic!

There’s Blackburn and
Barnsley - they can all
play like silk -
And Middlesbrough and
Accrington Stanley -
the players will all drink
lots of milk!!!!

We welcome Blackpool
FC - and also little
Bolton and Manchester
City - all playing like
they should!

There are high-class
teams and the underdogs,
all are proudly on show
right here.
The English FA Cup
competition - now let’s
give a great BIG CHEER!!!!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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