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Arsene Wenger has been the Arsenal manager since 1996. No one had heard who he was but he turned Arsenal into a superpower in English football winning the double and unimaginable unbeaten season. But for the last 7 years, Arsenal hasn’t won a single trophy. 

I am here to discuss the reasons why the Gunners haven’t won a trophy in such a long time.

1. The team’s multi-national contingency. 

In the era when we won league titles and other domestic cups, we had almost 4 to 5 players of the French national team. 

But now we have at least 9 players from different countries, even though they are great players, the whole team suffers in the sense of understanding each other’s playing style which affects the team’s chemistry.

2. Rich owners of the other clubs.

This is the biggest reason in my opinion. The arrival of rich owners at City and Chelsea has made them superior both on and off the field. Players are inclined towards these clubs due to the high wages and Arsenal cannot compete with these clubs as it runs on good business ethics .

3. Signing too many young players.

In the past 5 seasons, Arsene Wenger has been overly dependent on the youth squad and signing players out of the blue. Signing Fabregas was a masterstroke but not all youngsters developed the way Fabregas did. 

Henry was bought as a youngster but had seniors like Adams, Bergkamp, and Keown to give him the exposure and benefit his progress, so they all won many trophies together

4. Bad luck with injuries.

We have had really bad luck with injuries in recent seasons. If we get injuries, our players don’t recover fast enough. In past, the players were a little more physically strong like Vieira, Wiltord, etc. 

But we can’t help the injuries but what we can do is add experience into the team.

5. Saving money until a player is fit.

I, as an Arsenal fan, can’t just understand why do we only have a single player in single position who is of Premier League level for which Arsene Wenger has long been criticized for. 

An example of this was last season with the injured Sagna being replaced by Jenkinson who hadn’t even played much in League 1, so we must sign more quality players for the squad to become stronger. 

It should not be that we spend millions but spend the money on players with a decent record.

6. Wage structure 

Arsenal are the top 3 premier league players in terms of paying wages to players, but we aren’t using the money on the right ones. We spend so much money on our bench players in wages, and some of those players include Almunia (now at Watford) and Diaby. 

These players haven’t played 20 games in any successive seasons and spending £50k on these players is just not acceptable.

Written by Bhavya Jain
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