Forget relegation, West Brom must tie down Darren Moore

Last night, West Bromwich Albion’s relegation from the Premier League was confirmed as fellow stragglers Swansea City and Southampton clashed.

Manolo Gabbiadini’s goal saw the Saints victorious, thus achieving Premier League safety.

Despite West Brom’s phenomenal turn in form since Darren Moore took over as caretaker manager, it was all too little too late for the Albion and they will be plying their trade in the Championship next season.


The damage was already done

West Brom simply didn’t do enough throughout the season and at the time of Alan Pardew’s dismissal, the second manager to leave the club this season, they’d left themselves with far too much to do and very little hope of winning another game, let alone go on a run like they have.

It’s a shame and no doubt Alan Pardew will get the blame, but players are so often given free passes because it’s so easy to blame a manager. That squad had enough in it to stay in the top tier of English football and they have proved that under Darren Moore’s guidance.

Questions must be asked of those players and changes will be made.


Darren Moore’s incredible run

Moore, 44, is unbeaten in his five games as manager and that line doesn’t do him justice.

He has taken the scalps of both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur on that run, also drawing with Liverpool in a game they had found themselves two goals down in.

He was named Premier League Manager of the Month for April, his first month in charge.


Careful approach required after relegation

So many clubs are guilty of rushing decisions with the hope of returning to the top flight immediately and it’s understandable, with the financial benefits afforded to top flight clubs.

What’s to say West Brom have a better chance of bouncing back with another manager?

There’s no guarantees, in that league especially. You’ve seen in the past two seasons, Newcastle and Wolves have almost bought their way to the title and do West Brom have the funds or the attraction to do such a thing? I’m not so sure.

Several clubs have made a mess of themselves after relegation from the Premiership and have become drenched in relegation battles and even found themselves fighting to get back up from League One.

I have an element of admiration for the way Aston Villa have approached things, they made a mistake at the beginning of last season but now under Steve Bruce, they look like one of the best teams in that league and if they don’t win the play-offs, you’d have every confidence in them going close again next season.


Moore deserves it

Finally, Darren Moore deserves it! He was given a near-impossible task when taking the caretaker role and managed to give the fans hope with a late surge, a crazy improbable surge.

He’s given them moments in beating some of the bigger teams, moments they probably thought wouldn’t come around again for a long time. He’s taken the audition by storm and now it’s time to put faith in him.


Written by Jordan Hackett

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