The Reasons Why People Watch Football All Over the World

Football is the most-watched sport of all time in the world. It has 4 billion fans worldwide who watch football on a regular basis and the number will not drop anytime soon. Even more, the global popularity of football is increasing more and more.

According to Wikipedia, the UEFA Champions League final is one of the most watched sports events in the world, with Super Bowl final in the USA. More than half of the population of almost all countries define themselves either interested or very interested in football. And if you think that the population of football lovers consists of the men, you are mistaken as the recent study showed that over 70 percent of women find football interesting.

Football is definitely a sport enjoyed by all kinds of people, the reason behind it is simple, it is truly an exciting sport and there are matches no one wants to miss, such as a final of the UEFA Championship for example. However, there are other reasons why people might be watching football.

When their favorite club plays

There are people who are very interested in football and do not miss any game.

However, the majority of the football fans watch the matches when their favorite club is playing. According to the latest ranking, which is published twice a year, in June and in January, the most widely supported club in the world is Real Madrid FC.

The club has the largest social media fan base, approximately 242 million. It is followed by Barcelona FCB, Manchester United, Bayern Munchen, Arsenal, Manchester City, Juventus, Liverpool FC, and Paris Saint-Germain. These football teams have the most fans and the people are often watching the matches just because these clubs are playing.

Betting on sports

Do people watch football because they love betting on sports, or do people bet on football matches because they love football? It’s a complicated question, however, the fact is that many people watch certain games because they have placed a bet.

According to Bob Casino, the number of people who place bets online on sports is rapidly increasing. It is not surprising as the online betting industry is getting more accessible and popular.

At the same time, the betting companies themselves are trying hard to be a part of the football and be associated with certain football clubs. Therefore many betting companies are sponsoring football clubs to be visible for the lovers of football.

For example, over 60 percent of the English Premier League clubs are sponsored by the betting companies, as reported by the Independent.

Seeing their nation lift football’s biggest prize

FIFA World Cup makes people who never watched a single match in four years turn their heads to the TV and watch football when their country is playing. The pride that we have when the team of our country is winning is priceless and is shared by the people despite their interest in football.

Does not matter if you love it or not, if you are a woman or a man, what’s your age or occupation, when your country is playing on World cup there is a chance you are watching it with great excitement.

These are the three main reasons why people watch football matches, besides the love of football.  Nobody wants to miss how their favorite football club wins if their bet will go in their favor and of course, how the team of their country is leading its way to being a world champion.