The Most Embarrassing Football Injuries Ever

Seeing as football players run between six and seven miles during each match, it’s no surprise that many of our sporting stars suffer plenty of nasty injuries.

But even when they are away from the football pitch, there are a handful of footballers who have been afflicted with some bruising encounters with everything from salad cream to coffee tables and wooden beds.

Take the former England goalkeeper, Dave Beasant, who somehow managed to tear a tendon after dropping a jar of salad cream on his foot.

Whilst this much-loved player has recovered from the nasty injury and is now enjoying a successful career as a goalkeeping coach at Reading, he once again reminds us that we should never try and catch a full jar of salad cream with our big toes.

It’s not just salad cream that has the potential to cripple our footballers, as the Scottish defender, Kirk Broadfoot, once sustained a nasty scalding injury to his face after inspecting his freshly microwaved poached eggs to see if they were thoroughly cooked through.

Even household furniture seems to pose a big injury risk to our stars. Take Rio Ferdinand who was watching television and made the fatal error of resting his feet on the coffee table. After four hours of staying in the same position, the England defender moved suddenly and strained a tendon in his knee.

Beds are equally dangerous for footballers. The ex-Premier League star, Leroy Lita, once managed to pull a muscle in his leg just by stretching in his bed.

Whereas Bryan Robson famously dropped a bed on his toe after trying to wake up Paul Gascoigne - definitely something to think about the next time that you are shopping for a bed at the Bedstar website.

In fact there are few things that aren’t capable of causing our footballing stars some serious harm. Whether it’s David James straining his back by reaching for a TV remote control, or David Batty getting mowed down by his child’s tricycle, it seems as though footballers are endlessly suffering from weird injuries.

However, it’s still the ex-Norwegian goalkeeper, Svein Grondalen, who tops the list for bizarre injuries off the pitch. Taking a run out in the woods is usually a fairly healthy exercise, but try telling that to Grondalen who somehow put himself out of action for many days by running into a moose.

So whether it’s a jar of salad cream or a wooden bed, it seems as though life off the pitch is a dangerous activity for our favourite football stars.


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