Connect in the back of the net

Finally, the time has come. After a week of enthusiastic responses to our million dollar question (if the England jersey is worth that much — it ain’t), the time has arrived to announce the winner.

The winner, the person who will receive and — we hope — will hold aloft and sport the most coveted prize in the football writing world has been chosen.

Chosen through the use of a bowl and a bunch of small bits of paper with the names of the participants — over 50 of you — in each and every of one of these bits.

Kinda like this, but with actual paper instead of flowers, which I presume is fake.

Yes, it’s old-school, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Anyways, enough with the dilly-dallying, and time to pronounce the winner.

The winner of our official England jersey giveaway, in cooperation with the lovely folks at Poki of course, is….. *que drumroll**que more drumroll*…… Apurva Thakur!!!

Congrats, Apurva. We hope you enjoy your new jersey.

We’d like to extend our thanks once more, not only to the kind folks at Poki, but also to you guys: the participants and our loyal readers. This competition wouldn’t have been as exciting and fun without you all.

Hope to see you all in another competition. In the meantime, congrats once more to Apurva and hope you all are having a lovely Euro 2016.

Oh, please take the time to check out and enjoy Poki’s Euro 2016 game: Heads Arena.

See you all next time. Sayonara.



Kind regards and thank you all once more,