Arsenal: The Gunners’ Five Top Players Of All Time

Arsenal has been one of the most legendary football teams to have ever walked the earth. Of course they, like many other teams, have had their fair share of failures, weaker players and off days, however, the team has also seen some of the most extraordinary players with talents that might have been gifted by the gods. 

These are the players who have written history and who have made Arsenal what they are today, one of the best football clubs in the world. With that being said, we take a look at the Gunner’s top players of all time, the ones football betting odds favour, the ones we watch in the news and the ones we have idolized since watching them in action. 

Thierry Henry 

The midfielder has been ranked as the best player to have ever joined the Gunners, a staggering title for anyone to obtain. Now retired, the French football player holds one of the world’s biggest titles and spent 8 years with the club. 

Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp, a former pro footballer who is Dutch and now assistant manager at Ajax was moved from one position to the next but eventually found his footing as second striker. His career began at the tender age of 11 when he was spotted by Ajax and then went on to make his debut in 1986 as a pro footballer. 

Patrick Vieira 

You should have been expecting this name as Vieira is one of the most esteemed footballers to have graced the Gunners with his talent. The French footballer was a top midfielder between 1996 and 2005, during his residency at Arsenal. He has 3 Premier League titles under his belt as well as 4 FA Cups. 

Ian Wright 

Some may recognize Ian Wright as a TV and radio public figure, but the former pro footballer spend several years with Arsenal which moulded him as one of the best players to have played for the Gunners. He has played in 581 League games and has earned 33 caps with many more numbers under his belt. 

Tony Adams

The football manager and former footballer was one of the best Arsenal had ever seen. The pro player served 22 years as defender at Arsenal and has been ranked amongst the Football League 100 Legends, a title not easily obtained. He has won 4 flight division titles, he has captained a title winning team in 3 decades, and he has 3 FA Cups, 2 Football League Cups, a UEFA Winners’ Cup and 3 FA Community Shields under his belt. Tony Adams has a number of achievements from his footballing career and continues to shine as a manager. 

There are of course many others who have been key players in the massive success of Arsenal and we all have our favourites, but these men have changed the game, defended their own and moulded the successful image of Arsenal.

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