Why Gerrard should think twice about managing Rangers

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, 37, is looking to embark on a career in coaching and is currently leading the line for the Anfield clubs under 18 side.

Inevitably when you are as big a name as Steven Gerrard is, you are going to be linked with the first team roles of many clubs from all sorts of different levels in the game.

Gerrard is being touted for the Rangers job, with ex footballers like Alan Shearer calling it a ‘no brainer’ for the former England captain.



I’ve always felt that football managers lack sense when managing their careers.

Some jump at the chance to manage any club, regardless of the situation, be it for the sake of getting back involved with the game after being sacked or the reputation of the club. This is probably no fault of their own though as the average time a manager spends at a club in English football specifically seems to decrease every season.

This means that managers are left almost desperate for jobs and when one comes about, they don’t think twice about whether it’s the right move and more so look at it as the only move.

For example, Alan Pardew’s decision to join West Brom mid-season after the dismissal of Tony Pulis. No club is ever down in November but West Brom isn’t really a club you’d bank on keeping in the Premier League, surely.

Many thought Pardew would never see the light of day as a Premier League manager again and maybe the very fear of that was the reason Pardew jumped at the chance. Again, after that reign, I’m confident this time that he’ll not be managing in the Premier League for a long time, if ever.



Unlike Pardew, Steven Gerrard is at the beginning of his career and is of course unexposed in management and so a mistake is unlikely to be as costly to his career prospects.

However, the world will be watching and judging the Liverpool legend very closely.

Gerrard will be high in demand, if not now, in a few years and there is no need for him to rush himself. He has a safe job coaching the youngsters at Liverpool, inspiring the next generation in a system that he was once a part of as a player.



Initially, I must admit I was intrigued. Gerrard at Rangers? That is a massive job for anyone in football management, not many get to start their careers at such a reputable club.

Rangers have been down in the dumps for a few years now after a financial crisis that led to them being relegated to the bottom of Scottish football. They’ve found their way back and are still a working progress.

Celtic have had it all their own way for years now and Rangers’ return promised to threaten them, but the Gers haven’t even pushed them the slightest.

Sunday’s 5-0 loss to Celtic in the Scottish Premiership said it all for me. Rangers are that far behind. There’s so much to be done and it’s probably wiser for both parties if Rangers were to go with someone with far more experience.

Steven Gerrard should bide his time and wait for a job where the circumstances are better for him.

Look at Ryan Giggs, he had discussions with Swansea City and claims they weren’t ambitious enough, he was careful about not falling at the first hurdle and he’s since been appointed as Wales manager, a much less risky job.

Expectations aren’t crazy and he’s going to see out his contract in all likeliness. Dare I say it, Gerrard should learn from Giggs’ approach.


Written by Jordan Hackett

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