A Football Poem: The English Premier League - the “Beautiful” League

We are Liverpool FC
and we are world
class players,
We are challenging
to win the English
Premier League -
will God answer our

We are Man City FC
and we are the best
team by far
We are doing very
well in the football
league - and when
we do win - we enjoy
a drink at the bar!

The English Premier
League has changed
over the years
Some enjoy celebrating -
but others are in tears.
The standards are so
very high and skill is
always on show
World class players
show their class - it
is always good to know.

The money means a
lot as it does produce
Alarmingly high wages
are paid to the players
without any sulks!
But what happens when
the players do not earn
their money - and their
tempers always crack?
It is always the manager’s
who get the blame -
and in some cases the

But it is an enjoyable
game to watch - as they
compete to be champions.
Even if you win or lose -
there’s always express
So enjoy the “beautiful”
game of the English
Premier League footy
And if you want to
watch a game - don’t
forget to pay your

Written by Darryl Ashton 

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