How to Choose the Right Football Shin Guards

Shin guards are important and important to every single player. They are used in most sport games like cricket, baseball, ice hockey and lacrosse.

There are two kinds of shin guards that are used in association football, ankle and the slip-in shin guards. Every player needs a proper guard because they safeguard them from leg injuries. In this article we shall see the factors to consider while choosing the right soccer shin guards.

From the soccer training lab reviews, another consideration to make while choosing a shin guard is being aware of one’s height. This is necessary because the shin guards have to shield the biggest part as possible between the ankle and the knee and they should be the right size advisedly two inch below the knee.

Another thing to review while choosing the right shin guard is the components that accompany the guards. There are shin guard stays that hold the guards using a closure so if a player feels that the tape normally used is unbearable they can always use the shin guard stays.

The shin guard tape is one of the accessories that come in handy with the shin guard. They clench the guards in place. The player can therefore choose how tight they want their shin guard to be.

To prevent the shin guard from slithering down the leg particularly when the game is going on, shin guard sleeves are worn to make sure the shin guard fits perfectly.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration is the position which the player takes in the game.

  • If a player is a defender they should get shin guards that weigh more for exclusive protection and guards that can cover the ankle too.
  • For the forwards, they require shin guards that are a bit less heavy and tinier ones to make their movements easy. Their shin guards should be able to handle very fast changes in bearing.
  • The midfielders need shin guards that will sanction them to move freely without any discomforts because they have to be adaptable.
  • For the goalkeepers, they only require shin guards that are extremely light for easy movement too.

The shin guards of the players that to be non porous because if rain pours and they absorb the water they then become heavy and making the movement of players unbearable.

The hardness of their shell has to be checked first by pressing one’s thumb finger on it. The harder the shell the safer a shin guard is.

A good shin guard should also have enough airing to also keep the feet of the player dry. Guards with edges that have sharpened edges can easily cut a player.

Shin guards that are easy to maintain are the best to choose. The ones that can be cleaned with ease, by hand or a machine. To minimize the odor, the best shin guards to go for are those that have already been treated with an antimicrobial agent.

In conclusion, choosing of the right shin guard is very vital because it helps steer clear of minor problems like a player having discomforts in the middle of a game session or during practice which in return through one way or another lead to bad game results.


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