Try Your Luck On Top Players Of NFL Using Bovada Mobile App

National Football League (NFL) includes 32 teams that are divided into two parts, namely the American Football Conference and National Football Conference. In North America, the league is considered one of the top four major sports leagues. Well, then obviously, this league is a hot cake for the people who are up for sports betting too. Numerous sportsbooks and bookmaker websites cover this major sport event providing many betting possibilities. With an immense growth in technology, punters can place a bet through their mobiles too. Bovada mobile application proficiently provides a fast, smooth, and user-friendly betting experience. 

Who does not love a game that has skillful and energetic game-changers? Well, the NFL has plenty of players who are the key attraction of this league. In this article, we will talk about a few promising and successful players of today.

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

The players have to be aware of the name Lamar Jackson since he is now playing with a different level of excellence. He is currently holding the 4th rank in quarterback rating (109.6). Lamar Jackson is now on another level with over 25 touchdown passes and 1000+ rushing yards. This upcoming star has successfully shattered Michael Vick’s record (1039) of single-season quarterback rushing. 

Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys

This 29-year old player has all it takes to mark him as one of the top champions. Length, toughness, agility, as well as awareness; he is packed with all essential traits and much efficient against strong pass rushers. With smooth movement skills and hand placements in the run games, he is a treat to watch. This elite pass protector’s overall grade is 76.6 and has played 882 offense snaps and 8 penalties in the last season.

Leonard Fournette, LSU

This young gun is only 25 years old, but already strong threat with 6′ 1” height and 230 pounds weight. The tacklers have to beware of his speed as Leonard Fournette is well efficient to run a 40 yards dash within just 4.35 seconds. With this immense running speed and sharp and hasty movements, fortunate is the right tool to beat the opponent’s tacklers.

Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals

Tyrann Mathieu is a 28 years old cornerback, weighs 186 pounds, and is 5′ 9″ tall. This versatile player is packed with rare cover skills and is a great threat to the receivers and tight ends. Outside cornerback or nickel cornerback, this man can be fit into either position and serve the team with maximum efficiency. In Madden NFL 19, Tyrann Mathieu has a 93 rating. 

J.J. Watt, Houston Texans 

This 31 years old pass-rusher is loaded with years of experience and awe-awakening football skills. He is strong, quick, and smart. Watt is a game-changer and efficiently plays disciplined assignment of football, holding his edge firmly so no blocker can get to the second level. In 2018, he won the title of AFC Defensive players of the week after securing 1.5 sacs, 9 tackles against Tennessee Titans.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck is 31 years old well-experienced player who plays for Indianapolis Colts. He has a strong golden arm for throwing the ball with accuracy. Andrew Luck is a player who is very difficult to catch up with, as he has mesmerizing anticipation and ball placement skills. In terms of running, Luck is efficient too. He is 6’ 4” tall, weighs 240 lbs, and agile enough for sharp movements and sprints. He holds a shimmering passing rate of 89.5 and completes 14 rushing touchdowns.

Players are the soul of any game. They bring warmth in the gaming environment, making it enjoyable for sports lovers. Thus, the presence of skillful and experienced players is very much important for the popularity of games. National Football League boasts with many skilled and promising sports stars, who are bringing the game into the next level of excellence.

NFL is very popular among sports bettors, too, as different sportsbooks cover the event in their online presence. Punters can even use their mobile phone to place bets or be updated with real-time stats.