Betting Tips: Why betting online is better with a live dealer

Today, online casinos have revolutionised betting by bringing bettors’ favourites out of the land-based establishments and giving punters the opportunity to bet anytime, anywhere.

Also, the invention of live dealer games - online casino games featuring real human beings interacting with cards and tables via a video stream - is significantly helping online betting to become more social. It is one particular area that digital casinos always lacked compared to their land based counterparts.

Now punters can experience the thrilling atmosphere and intensity of real-time online games such as blackjack and roulette, without needing to be in a real casino. Punters can see the table from an immersive first-person angle, bringing them as close to on-table activity as possible. Moreover, just like they would talk to any dealer in a land-based casino they can also interact with the live dealer.

These streamed live games are for punters seeking an authentic real-life casino experience. The dealers and tables are broadcasted in real time from a production studio designed as a casino – or from real brick and mortar casinos around the world.


Game Types

The majority of online live-dealer casinos offer three standard casino table games - blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

However, the more advanced broadcasts will offer many tables with these games as well as several other variants and gambling limits.

It is pertinent to mention that some of the most widely played live-dealer poker variants are Omaha and Texas Hold’em.


Dealer Interaction

The live dealer casinos are still a relative novelty. Therefore, the quality of communication between punters and live dealers is continually evolving.

Also, the chat options vary depending on the operator you are using. This is because with some online casinos the dealer is merely acting as a host for the live stream. However, most of the times players communicate directly with the dealer, typically through a chat dialog-box where punters type and the live dealer replies verbally.

Let’s use live Blackjack which is a betting favourite for centuries as an example to elaborate the convenience and excitement of playing it with a live dealer.

The most popular casino game in the world has stood the test of time while other games have fallen into obscurity. It is the simplicity and excitement of blackjack that makes it an innate fit for the online betting sphere.

Removed from the shackles of the brick and mortar casino online live blackjack exhibits a postmodern way to relish the old favourite, where seniors and novices alike can tussle it out with the dealer in the vintage game of chance and nerve.


Blackjack with a Live Dealer

First and foremost, if you use an authentic site to play blackjack with a live dealer you are almost guaranteed to bring the excitement of the real casino into your home since the best sites maintain much of the tension and realism.

Also, most of the on-screen experiences see a live human dealer running the show in real-time from a casino betting table which you can observe through a live streaming link. After that, if you are interested in making a bet you can do so via the screen interface and any issues can be communicated to the dealer either through a live text chat box or an audio link.

The first concern of a punter dabbling into an online live-betting sphere is the fairness and reliability of hands dealt. It is pertinent to mention that all the credible online casino sites are licensed as well as regulated by concerned gaming authorities.

Moreover, they undergo regular tests and inspections to ensure unpredictability and fairness of deals, which means beginners do not have to worry about some digital shadiness stacking the cards against them.

Theoretically, to make sure a realistic level of randomness the order of cards dealt is reliant on the data generated by a pseudorandom number generator which is programmed by a complex algorithm. This system gives results that satisfy almost all, but the most stringent aspirants of true randomness.

Moreover, the hands of the deal are regenerated into transmissible data via optical character recognition technology and transported to the player through a live link. It allows a punter to interact with the live game in much the same way as he or she would with a virtual casino game.


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