A Football Poem: The Manchester City train continues to march on

Manchester City are leading,
as they march on to win
their games.
All their skillful players -
they all do make their names.
But other teams are making
ground and giving City a
Can Man City now be caught,
catch them if you dare?

The title is there for the
taking, that, my friends, is
a fact,
All Manchester City need to
do - is play a magical tact!
Liverpool are also chasing -
and so are other teams,
Will any other team catch
Man City? Maybe in their

But recently there’s been
some controversy - with the
beautiful game,
Involving several players -
but I cannot name.
Players constantly diving,
to win a penalty kick;
This really isn’t right - now
for their next trick!

But the English Premier
League, is the place to be,
All that “lovely money” - it’s
like a lovely money tree!
There’s even goal line magic,
a video on the goal-line,
To check if the ball crosses
the line - and everything is

This is the future of the
English Premier League,
Very exciting times ahead,
and also lots of intrigue!
So enjoy your game of
football and your favourite
The world’s richest football
league - where football
reins supreme!




Written by Darryl Ashton 

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