Van Persie will never be bigger than Arsenal

Taken from Never Manage Alone

Like all modern day footballers, stating the blindingly obvious, Van Persie is obsessed with money. He and the others can never get enough. 

Together with his con agent, (who is also rubbing his hands in anticipation of his share of the booty) they realise that if he does not make his position at Arsenal untenable, then they will miss out on a big chance to milk some sucker club such as Manchester City who have already conned out of a good few billions. He is aware that if he is held to his contract, then at 30 years of age in 2013, he will no longer be an attractive proposition to the money clubs.

Remember that this is a player who spent more time on the treatment table than on the  field of play over the past eight years. I did not hear him bemoan Arsenal’s lack of ambition then. He was quite happy to pick up his weekly wages without contributing to the Arsenal cause. 

Arsenal football club is not a short term project to feed the egos of the likes of Rip off Van Persie. It is run along financial lines that every other club can only dream about and envy. Yes, that includes even those who are throwing billions into building a football team.

When he was in danger of earning the title “Sick note” did Arsenal tell him that his ambition does not match the ambition of the club because he was not on the field so he is actually a liability therefore he should leave? 

The reason his contract situation has reached this point is because he cannot be trusted to stay fit. 

We have not won a trophy for seven years even though we have had a string of so called world beaters in Fabregas, Nasri and company. 

Could it be that Van Persie ‘s poor input is also a contributory factor?  Let’s face it, he’s nowhere near Thierry Henry’s class. Surely you have to deliver for more than one season to be highly rated. A man who delivers only at 28 years of age must be considered a one season wonder (a freak of nature). 

Apart from last season, it may come as a shock to some, according to the statistics, this man has averaged eight league goals in his previous seven seasons. Is he suddenly a super star who can dictate to a great man like Arsene Wenger the direction in which he believes the club should go?  

Is he saying that Podolski, a 100 cap German international and Giroud, the leading goal scorer in France who helped his team win the league, are poor signings?  What an insult to our great manager! That is disrespect of the highest order. 

Has he forgotten that we finished third and with these acquisitions our team will improved? This is what makes his claim that Arsenal lack ambition ludicrous. He had his agenda from the very beginning and he is sticking to it no matter how absurd it may appear to anyone else. 

His conduct makes the likes of Nasri look like a saint and worse of all, he has insulted the intelligence of the Arsenal fans by claiming that he loves the club. Wenger has stood by him when his on and off the field antics was unsavoury to say the least.

It’s about time someone took a stance against these overpaid buffoons whose greed knows no limits. He should be stripped of the captaincy immediately and forced to rot in the Arsenal reserves until his contract runs out.  

Perhaps his ambition is for Arsenal to build an Amsterdam style café at the Emirates which supplies you know what. Arsenal are better off without the likes of him since he has made a mockery of all the great values of our great club.  

Written by Goolam Rawat

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  1. Jason Sinclair

    July 7, 2022 at 14:48

    I must say I found your post to highly amusing, you do seem not to like footballers very much.

    I am like most Arsenal fans gutted that RVP will leave but he is totally within his rights not to want to sign a new contract. As for reasons why he wants to leave he has said nothing nearly every fan and pundit has said before. RVP is not stupid and I knows that we have not even been close to winning anything for years, we all know the team isn't good enough. So why after te club have tod him they wont be making major signings would he delude himself into thinking this could be the year.

    You talk of RVP showing no respect by implying that he thought the 2 new signings were not good enough,As if Wenger bought them they must be woud class, need I remind you of soe of wastes of space Wenger has bought who we are still paying Denilson,squallci, B52, Diaby,Park,Chamakch the list goes on.

    RVP has seen the best payers leave every year and they all seem to go on and win trophies whie we win nothing, so of course he would get jealous.

    As for you theory players are bossed with money, that's total rubbish. How many people in everyday life decide to change company but take when negotiating the new salary would take less than they earned before ? None, it's a simpe rule that general you don't take less moey.

    Why should footballers be different than us,

    I think the real problem with Arsenal is the simply the payers are not good enough, from my view point only one man is buy them.

  2. Remigius Albert

    July 7, 2022 at 15:10

    i wish u had published ur post rather than commenting. Wat a greedy comment!

  3. Anonymous

    July 7, 2022 at 15:14

    I say good on RVP for doing what he did. About time a footballer stood up for his rights.
    BUsiness is business right?
    Seems fans get all offended when a footballer wants out but cheer on when a club sells a footballer out of nowhere.

    well done RVP
    I support you and your expose

  4. Anonymous

    July 7, 2022 at 16:06

    All this talk of Arsenal Not having ambition ,is very funny indeed.Is it not the same players saying Arsenal lack ambition ,are the same players who have not delievered any trophy to the fans.

    Excuses,….now where is abou diaby, he is injured right,ok..since abou diaby came to Arsenal hasn't he played a whole season ,,No…
    so if Diaby plays a whole season then decides to leave cos we lack ambition ,what then;;

    Personally i feel we are been surronded by individuals who are obsessed by only their self interest.(from boardroom level to the players ) Maybe we should sell diaby ,cos he lack ambition ,maybe we should sell all those players who have not given us anything. Wenger is been disrespected up and down by so called pundits who continue to bring a bad name to Arsenal, we lack ambition , the only people who lack ambition are the so called players wenger has stood by for years and never delivered on the big stage.
    In all these, i feel much for wenger not the board,nor van persie or even other players but i feel for wenger. A man whose loyalty has been second to non even when he gets offers from other top clubs, ….Arsenal are learning their mistakes and they will get it right again ,and once that happens there will be no more room for players such as van persie ..People forget , we are in a very strong position, we dont have to sell van persie..i will say let him run down his contract and when his injury problem s arise again we sell him ,am sure then nobody will want him.

    wenger is a legend and a good man , but am sure this will be the last straw for him,the amount of humiliation this man has faced ,sometimes i wonder where he finds extra encouragement to carry on at Arsenal.

  5. Anonymous

    July 7, 2022 at 19:08

    I love arsenal but guys pls be realistic if he leaves we be smashed by team like Chelsea ,man u and man city u don't wana c another 8-2 do u so pls stop saying Rvp is not bigger than arsenal cause he is if he wasn't there we wouldn't be in top 3 and trust me giroud is worse than chamakh we need to make the board hear us to make them stop buying 10 million pounds player we need someone like villa or David silva .

  6. Anonymous

    July 7, 2022 at 19:50

    I have 4 words for you,
    football is a team sport.

    Not a one man show, if song doesn't give the ball to van persie ,how will he score,if arteta does not give the ball to walcot to van persie how will he score. It is a team sport at the end of the day.if van persie wants to play alone then he can go ahead, he will be the goalkeeper, the striker,the defensive midfeilders, the left back and right back.

  7. Anonymous

    July 7, 2022 at 20:35

    Okay, some say a football is just a job. But no matter what job or career you have, you simply do not have the right to insult everyone who you previously worked. The end. If van Per$ie's profession was a non-football one, he would be unemployed for the rest of the life for writing something like this.

  8. Mubiru ibrahim

    July 7, 2022 at 20:42

    Van persie is next to nothing at arsenal, he is just a small part of it. Ok if he is so good, where r his goals at holland? He has only scored 29(laughable) even podolski at 26yrs has scored more. He shouldnt have made his ambition claims public. Lukas's cologne was relegated but he didn't release a public statement to let them know that they luck ambition. Robin is a disgrace to everyone at arsenal. We should sell him after all he will be 30 and injured next year & without songo and walcott he can't score

  9. Anonymous

    July 7, 2022 at 20:54

    I completely agree with the writer. Van Persie is another very greedy player.Football fans are not mugs, and will not continue to spend so much of there hard earned cash, too watch these prima donas. With Man City and Chelsea unlimited funds, the league for most clubs is not possible to compete.

  10. Toye Adeola

    July 7, 2022 at 23:27

    It is funny how small minded some of the people that made comments earlier are. How can a player be bigger than a club that has been around for over a hundred years ! RVP would never have attained the level he is at today without the club. There are loads of better and talented players today that are not regarded as world class because they never played at a big club. If you disagree with me, then do you think Walcott would have been who he is today without Arsenal ?

    I have no problem with RVP leaving if he want to, but to disrespect a club that stood by him when he was injured and averaged 8 premier league goals a year and also stood by him when he was detained and almost went to prison on an alledged rape case !

    For those supporting his actions, how many of you dare sit with your managers at work and dictate to them the type of colleagues you want or go out writing all sorts about your employers or work place because you want to leave.

    People get real and be resonable.

    There is no one ever bigger than an insitution you work for !

  11. Anonymous

    July 8, 2022 at 17:20

    Arsenal Fc have been here before , they boxed us in the corner and we came out fighting.
    RVP am really disappointed in you mate, really , i thought you were a man with class now it seems you lack that.
    A manager who has stood by you ,is this how you pay hi back. RVP i understand your dilema, yes you are 29, yes you want a big fat cheque , yes you want to win tittles ,as well as the fans we all want titles .