Alberto Moreno: Why Liverpool fans should keep the faith in the Spaniard

Had you asked any Liverpool fan about Alberto Moreno six months ago, you’d have heard the words that we cannot even write here. There is hardly any player who has received as much abuse as Alberto Moreno.

Last summer, it looked as if Liverpool have had enough of his defensive errors and will get rid of him, but they didn’t, maybe they couldn’t.

As they didn’t (or couldn’t) get rid of him, they had to buy someone, and that’s why the Merseyside spent £10 million on Andrew Robertson, another young left-back. But since then, the fortunes have turned for the talented Spaniard.

He has been a regular member of this inconsistent Liverpool side. Unexpectedly, he had been doing a pretty good job – both defensively and offensively – until last week. Liverpool gave up their 3-0 lead to Sevilla in a show full of defensive horrors and unsurprisingly Moreno was a major part of it. He was at the receiving end of some heavy criticism and deservedly so.

That’s the thing about him, you just don’t know which Alberto Moreno is going to turn up to work. But isn’t it the thing about this Liverpool side as a whole? Okay, that’s a discussion for some other time.

However, we’ve seen a different Moreno this season. A Moreno whose first priority is the defensive part of the game.

As a result, he has averaged 2.8 tackles per game, a number higher than Sead Kolasinac of Arsenal (1.8) and Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso (2.3). I know numbers can be deceiving but there’s definitely something different with Moreno this season.

Looping back to the game against Sevilla, Moreno committed two errors and they both resulted in goals. In the light of it, there have been voices from fans to start Roberson over him. As much as I love to see a young, talented player getting a chance, I’d have to say they’re wrong.

Yes, Robertson is a good player, but to throw him in the defence where horror shows have become a ritual would be a stupid thing. He has just featured in two PL games and one League Cup match. Giving him a chance in other competitions and building his confidence gradually should be the way forward.

And as far as Alberto Moreno is concerned, Liverpool fans should forget about the Sevilla game and give him the benefit of doubt.


Written by Sandeep Sharma

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