A Football Poem: Gather around and watch the English Premier League

Connect in the back of the net

The excitement is so inviting,

that is very true,

Lots of football on the TV

a treat for me and you.

The games are getting better

and the skill is there to see,

All the footballing talent -

on display for you and me.

There are referees and their

assistants – all freezing in

the cold,

They play in all kinds of

weather – their warm gloves

they’d love to hold.

But the fans are all together,

sitting and shouting more,

And the noise really is so

deafening – especially if

their team score!

Wayne Rooney scored a

wonder goal – it really

was special,

A superb volley of a shot -

a Wayne Rooney credential!

The managers are there

also – but their job is always

on the line,

And if they do get the sack -

they have a little whine!

The English Premier Football

League – really is the best,

Where world class football

players – pitch their skills to

the test.

The TV cameras are there -

they capture all the glory,

Then the fans can watch

again – as the TV tells a

footballing story.

Roll up! Roll up! There’s

a football match tonight,

Watching your favourite

team on display – what a

footballing delight.

From Wayne Rooney and


To Man U – they are all a

mass sensation.

So no matter where you

are in the world – there’s

always plenty of fatigue.

But gather round everyone -

and watch the English

Premier League.

World class stars on show

as they earn their country’s


‘And play in the WORLD

CUP – and everyone has

a ball!’


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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